Selecting the Right Cotton Blanket

A Cotton Blanket is a great way to give your bedding a new and fresh look. Cotton blankets come in a variety of different fabrics and colors. Whether you want something for a crib or something that will be used by both children, there is a blanket that will work well for any family. When shopping for a new blanket, there are a few things that you can consider.Bamboo Mattress Protector | Pillow Talk

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification for organic cotton blankets is the best of the breed, as the GOTS standard is now the worldwide gold standard for organic fabric production. While not a big deal breaker, it is also much easier to go with a machine washable cotton blankets that will be safe for dry clean. Machine washable blankets will have a long shelf life compared to fabric blankets made from natural fibers like cashmere or silk. This means that a blanket that you bought five years ago is still working just as good as the one you bought five years ago. You may find that you buy an extra blanket or two when you get older because these blankets are so comfortable. They are also very inexpensive to purchase as they are made from organic cotton, which is cheaper to produce than synthetic fiber.

While a lot of blankets have some sort of sewn seam, a cotton blanket is made from one long piece of fabric that is then sewn into a blanket. This means that you do not need a seam at the top or bottom of your blanket chan dien. Many people choose to leave the edges of the blanket open, especially if they have a large family and often use the blanket for extra pillows in the living room.

The size of the cotton blanket will determine where it will be placed. If you plan to use it as an outer blanket on the couch, a smaller blanket will be ideal. If you plan to use it as a bed cover, you may want to purchase a large blanket to make the bed look bigger. Since a blanket is designed for comfort, the size of the blanket is a big part of this comfort factor.

Size is also important if you will be using the blanket outside, in a window, on a patio, or on the porch. Large blankets are great for outdoor use. Because they are usually used on couches and chairs, they are generally thicker than other blankets. For the porch, you may choose a smaller blanket that is made of less dense material.

You will also need to consider the thickness of your cotton blanket. because it will dictate how much it weighs when you try to put it up against the wall. You will find that lighter blankets tend to be much lighter than heavier blankets, but do not worry because this thickness will not affect the durability of your blanket.