Cold Storage Installation – The Different Drain Design Features

A good and efficient plumbing system will ensure the smooth flow of water through the pipes will be free from obstructions. But, when it comes to the cold storage system, the task becomes more difficult and more complicated because the system is responsible for the release of ice from the pipes and when it freezes, water will no longer be flowing smoothly.Increasing Demand for Industrial Cold Storage | Progressive Grocer

The drainage system of a cold storage system does not only discharge water but also some frozen ice blocks. Depending on the nature and architecture of the cold storage and its equipment, the drain design is entirely different, and hence the release direction of the drain pipe is entirely different. It is therefore very important to choose a professional plumbing company to undertake all the plumbing installations for a cold storage facility.

The basic purpose of a cold storage is to store water in such a way that it can be used at any time. If the plumbing is not installed in the correct manner, the water cannot be released into the environment freely. Hence, if the pipes are not fitted properly and the drain pipe does not reach the ground, there is a possibility of leakages occurring.

Cold storage systems generally involve four main components: the storage tank gia thi cong kho lanh, the storage reservoir, the heat exchanger, and a collection plate. Each component of the storage system has its own unique function, which needs to be fulfilled in the correct manner for the system to be efficient and effective. The temperature of water that is stored in the reservoir of the cold storage system is the major determinant of its efficiency and hence the storage reservoir must be able to store sufficient temperature of water.

If the reservoir is unable to retain the required temperature of water, then the storage unit will stop working properly and eventually will not be able to store enough water. The main cause of this is the fact that there is an incompatibility between the storage tank and the reservoir. Hence, the design of the storage system is very important to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of water into the storage tank and to avoid any possible blockages in the system.

The drain design of the cold storage installation also plays a vital role in the efficient functioning of the system. The drainage design should be such that it allows the water to drain easily into the tank. It is also very important to make sure that the drainage in the drain is proper so that all the accumulated water will be drained away without causing any damage to the surrounding area.